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Favorite Series
Second Chance (2016)
This looking to be a very good show, what I hope will go on for a long time, and thankfully it is on Fox and CBS so it won't be canceled after 1-2 seasons because CBS wants something new .... sorry for that little dig coming out there oops. But yes this show really looks to be very exciting with a lot of potential.
Chamac15 its probably from event like a sports game or something but there is no need to mark the show as a 0 just because they didn't air an episode this week, come on seriously LOL. On another note as a review the show is fantastic there is nothing like out at the moment which really has let the show take us by storm i love it and i hope they continue to give us those nail biting moment's, as well as some fast paced intense action scene's.
Marvel's Jessica Jones
Another fantastic series from Marvel again. also on another note going off what Almagill has said, Marvel has more Series from the Marvel Universe they are planning/film to bring out and so YES they do intend to have crossover's with all of these new series that will be coming out along side Daredevil too. I believe one of the mentioned new series to be coming out is one of Jessica's boyfriend's how unfortunately i can tell you which as i have forgot and can find any the articles i read it from