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Favorite Series
The Expanse Season 2 Episode 6
I love this show, Earth, Mars, the belt, fills a whole that Firefly left, Thomas Jane is no Nathan Fillion, but the Punisher is prety good in this, got people you love to hate and those you plain ol' love, Thanks for this one.
The 100
definitely is plagued with "token" characters to appease today's society, seems like every show now ticks a box for gay, lesbian, transsexual etc... i could really care less about it but if you find it offensive you might want to move on. Still it appeases the sci-fi nerd in me and the characters are likeable and i am compelled to keep watching to find out how the get through things or see what happens next, I'd give it a hard 6 or 7 out of 10, plenty of sex, violence, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic
Better Call Saul
I didn't WANT to get into this series, I started watching with low expectations and basically to fill the gap between my other shows, NOW it is a must watch.....looking forward to next season
The Messengers
kinda bummed the series wasn't picked up for a 2nd season, would have liked to see the writers attempts at keeping it fresh
The Messengers
they sure do travel around Texas quick....hell its 3 hours at 70MPH from Houston to San Antone....they must be using some of hat god magic to get everywhere
The 100
binge watch this, pretty awesome
Z Nation
started watching this during the off season of the walking dead to fill my need for zombie shows, liked the fact that they are not scared to kill anyone off....and i mean anyone....that way it stays fresh and doesn't turn into the soap opera that is the walking dead. I felt there were only maybe 2 filler episodes that didn't serve the plot but other than that, fun and enjoyable show.....I'm rooting for 10K
cool quirky little show, new twist on the whole zombie genre, me likey
The Last Ship
great show, highly recommend binge watching