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  • 17% Drama
  • 13% Action
  • 10% Adventure
  • 9% Sci-Fi
  • 8% Comedy
  • 7% Fantasy
  • 37% Others
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Favorite Series
13 Reasons Why Season 1 Episode 2
This is such a good tv series and wonderfully scripted. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Great Family Cartoon. Lots of humour
Marvel's Jessica Jones
Great Series with lots of Action and Mystery. Some sexual scenes. 13+ Great Storylines with great morals.
Mr. Robot
Great Tv Series. Talks about hacking. Some sexual and drug scenes. 15+. Overall, great series
The Amazing Race
Lots of Action!!! Follow contestants while they have sad or anger rages. Lose or Win. Very good family series.
Saturday Night Live
Some Slapstick humour. Great Tv Talkshow. Lots of funny skits. Some 12+ scenes. Great for Family Time.
Lots of science stuff, great education for kids. A must watch. Fun with education. What could be better.
Great plot! Great acting. Some sexual scenes 12+. If you like mystery and romance, this is for you
So much mystery! One of the best series with a good storyline! Some sexual scenes. 12+ Good for the family. Lots of action.
The Legend of Korra
One of the best cartoons ever! Deals with superheroes and what they have to deal with. Some violence. 10+ Great Family Time.
One of the best Series ever! Deals with how to be a superhero, and sisterly love. Great Action, good for the family.
The Mysteries of Laura
This is a great series, deals with problems a divorced mother has while being a detective. Lots of mystery with slapstick humour!
Detective Conan
Best Detective Series Ever! Some violent scenes, not recommended for children. Lots of mystery and great storylines!
Fresh Off the Boat
Very Good Family Series! Great Humour for the Whole Family! Very very funny. If you like Comedy, this is for you!
One of my Best Series Ever! Lots of Suspense and Mystery, not recommended for Family Time. So sad there isn't a Season 2. You Must Watch This!
The 100
Lots of Intrigue and Mystery! Some sexual scene's, not a recommended Family Series. Great Story Line!
The Flash
Amazing! Full of Suspense and Action. Great Family TV Series. A must watch! If you haven't watched this, watch it. You won't be disappointed!