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Favorite Series
People need to realise how good this actually is, the intensity, the drama, the mystery, the shock all of it and alot more comes from this show, you are certain something is going to happen and then something totally unexpected happens, this show is basically what television was made for. I would give this more than 10/10 if I good.
The Flash Season 3 Episode 1
RajaStark of course is barrys mam is alive he will still become the flash, if you remember the reverse flash or zoom admitted that they had already screwed my barrys life
Empire Season 2 Episode 16
Did anyone notice the small blooper during the performance at the end
Elementary Season 4 Episode 12
aww sherlock and fiona are jst so cute together, its like watching two children talking with each other so cute! Cant wait to see were it leads
Marvel's Jessica Jones
brilliant show nice change to the usual superhero series loving tennant as the bad guy top notch
I honestly love this show, the idea of Sherlock having a drug addiction just makes me love him even more hes trying to overcome his own battles with life whilst trying tO solve lifes battles I love love love this!
2 Broke Girls
i absolutely love this show hahaha