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Favorite Series
Black Lightning
Definatly NOT the best show, but it isn't bad, lets just say its not a waste of time but kinda in the middle on a scale of great all the way down to total shit.
Game of Thrones
Absolutely the greatest Tv Series to ever be created, Black Sails still sits at #2
Really good show with lots of Plot Twists, combines action, romance, and SYFI all in one show.
The 100
Defiantly one of the TOP 3 TV shows i watch
Very interesting story line but the acting in this show is sooo horrible I've seen 4 year old children do better acting than this it makes me want cut off the nuts of whoever cast these people.
Black Sails Season 4 Episode 7
best fucking show ever created end of story
Worst acting i have ever seen in my life its about on the same grade as local car sales commercials.
Preacher Season 1 Episode 10
Exotic, Strange and different, Outstanding actors for this caliber show. The show itself is surprising, it Maintains focus even though it bounces around it keeps the viewer on track while telling multiple stories. I would recomend it to anyone who is tired of the same old same old.
Penny Dreadful
A Seductive onslaught of diabolic romance. Great Story-line, exotic theology of the characters, Acting that any could satisfy any poetic heart. I felt they over did the Romantic attatchments of Dorian Grey he was much more of a sociapath and did not attach himself to anyone like they portrayed him to except one, the Demonic babbling witch queen that this story lingers around.
The Shannara Chronicles
Excellent Story-line, Well executed Scripting. Acting itself is kinda in between that of a short European film festival and one of ABC's daytime drama's, in that the acting was not bad but over exposed and drawn out. Capetian Kirk would have been proud. On the other hand the special effects was on middle grounds with me looked like a mixture of 300 and Lord of the rings, Artistic yet stable not bouncing you into a bloodflurred daze. i Personally cannot wait for a continuation of this for the st
For me this show IS one of the greats, How i Rank it (1. Game of Thrones, 2.Vikings, 3. Black Sails, 4.The 100, 5. The Originals, 6.Lucifer there after all the marvel / Dc Comic book hero shows in no particular order.
Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 12 Episode 9
if you watch these trashy sluts and this fake scripted LIe of what they really are you should go drink about 20 gallons of liquid drain o and do the world a favor.
Great show, lots of humor and a out of the box perception .
Excellent show one of my favorites for sure.
This was a great show with alot of uplifting drama and excelent acting, great execution of story telling all the way through. a MUST See if you have an open mind .
fucking horrable show its all about political correctness and blah blah bullshit. watched 2 episodes and had to force myself to do that i do like to give any show a chance to prove its worth. but this was like eating out of a dumpster. Horrible acting and delusional script. a Clash of force-feeding peoples shitty lifestyles down peoples throats.
one of the greats for sure. Everyone should give this show a chance.
Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3
best episode in 2 seasons
Da Vinci's Demons
i hate they rushed this to its ending but in a way im glad they didn't drag it out with 3-4 dry episodes to stetch out the seasons. Best Series i have seen in a long time> RIP. Maybe one day these networks will pull their heads out of their ass's and realize that you can't air shows the same time other series are running especially when people are in 4-5 seasons. Airtime is why they loose ratings on shows not the show itself.
Game of Thrones
don't forget to click the stars for IMDB ratings. alot of people are giving outstanding reviews but no ratings.
the story line for the movie is great they could lay off of oversensitivity in the teens but hey thats the new modern teen so i guess they can relate. As for those who rate the movie down because it doesn't go by a freakin book go kill yourself now because movies ARE NOT BOOKS say that to yourself about 10 times every time you go to open your ignorant mouths.
Second Chance (2016)
excellent execution. must have more.
One of the few shows on Tv Worth Watching.
Dexter is / was the Best TV series to EVER Air on Television. It will Always be my Favorite of all Series, and it will be hard for any of the current shows to ever hold a candle to this one.
Season 1 EP1 Had me hooked from the beginning. The very first show was like watching some awesome horror flick at the movie theater. Every episode there after just seemed to build off of that. Each and every Show is Unique and One of a Kind, Need i say more.
The Vampire Diaries
Excellent and addictive show, constantly in motion from one season to the next. Seasons 5,6 and 7 are proving to be the Best Story Line Chain yet.
Starts off pretty good, trails off into the FLashBacks a bit to much in some area's, Picks up really well around the time he is chosen as new leader of the assassins.
The Flash
Flash keeps getting better and better.
Game of Thrones
This movie has Everything. It shows what everyone else is scared to show, the reality of the way things where in those days. All this drama constantly swirling around twisting and changing with never an end.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Season 21 Episode 14
This guy is the "mother ship" of insane, abductees of the leftist origin. Mindless halfwits who poke fun with half truths and narrow views to sell the Globalist dream to the General Public, or just passive-ism to there conquering goals. This guy is a puppet for Illumicore , a hollow empty shell with programmed scripting.
Very disappointed, so much social propaganda in this show, i felt as though my ideals where for sale to the lowest bidder.....really this is supposed to be about a super hero. Leave it at that. I really wish hollywood would stop trying to push there radical idealism on everyone its getting old and a bit tasteless.