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Favorite Series
Stan Lee's Lucky Man
This show is surprisingly good. At first I was doubtful, because I thought it was mainly centered on gambling, but little did I know, the show has an interesting plot and is pretty awesome in the storytelling part.
Heroes Reborn
This is AMAZING. Sure, the predecessor (Heroes) was a bit weird and had a lot of plotholes, but this one is really good and I'm glad Heroes has been brought back.
I'm not sure people realize this, but it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to squeeze in EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of EVERYTHING from a book into a 13-episode season. So you liked the movie better. Obviously other people didn't like it, that's why the second movie was cancelled. So Clary's hair isn't the perfect shade. She's not goddamn Ariel. So Jace's hair is short. Do you want Jamie Campbell Bower to come back with his eternally-damp-like golden hair? I myself was a little miffed at the fact that it wouldn't be
Marvel's Jessica Jones
It's SO GOOD. Perfect casting. Oh, and David Tennant as the Purple Man? YES.
Doctor Who
This series is so good!!! I'm so thankful that my cousin had recommended me to watch it, and like, wow. It's just so amazing.
I was 5 when this TV series first aired on TV. I remembered being super excited for the next episodes, and then wanting to be like Claire. My dad used to say, "Save the cheerleader, save the world!" when I became a cheerleader a few years back. Then, my parents didn't let me and my brother to watch it, because they said the series had gotten preposterous. Now, nearly a decade after, me and my brother picked up on the series, and so far, it does not disappoint.