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Favorite Series
Acting is shet
love-hate relationship is the best way to describe my feelings towards this u-u
Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 2
up-voting ur own links? "not cool m8"
Gravity Falls
me <3 dis
Degrassi: Next Class Season 1 Episode 1
YUS YUS YUS - best teen flick evar and by teen flick i dont meen TVD and stuff...degrassis is the original teen flick. SO FRICKIN LUCKY DAT IT GOT RENEWWED BY NETFLIXXXXX!! NO LONGER CANCELED!!!
The Shannara Chronicles
just watching the trailer and u can already tell this series will be filled with excellences
this was only added cuz of moi xD
The Flash
On top. As always
The Vampire Diaries
A roller coaster that's hard to get bored of
The Vampire Diaries
A roller coaster that's hard to get bored of
2 Broke Girls
Broke - but funny
You're missing out if you don't watch this
The Originals
Klaus is hot. End of.
The Flash
One word - Cliffhanger
Unique, qwerky and interesting
Gossip Girl
This was such a good show when it was airing, if you want to have a marathon of a chick flick watch this for sure
Marvel's Jessica Jones
Wasn't as great as people make it to be (tbh it could have been better) ._.