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22 year old with a super sad love for television series. Sup'

Favorite Series
Wayward Pines
I watched the first episode of this series a while back and wasn't that into it, however I recently decided to give it a go and I'm glad I did; There is an opportunity for a second series. It's worth binge-watching
The Shannara Chronicles
Just watched the first episode, and whilst some parts are slightly cringey, I can see potential in this series, both story wise and visually.
Game of Thrones
Usually I write extremely long reviews, but all I can say about GOT is: Watch it, seriously. The series isn't rushed and is evident that each actor put every bit of their effort into their individual role. The characters are so memorable, even the ones that are only in the series for an episode or two. Must watch.
I really enjoyed the first season, mainly because of Martin Freeman nd Billy Bob Thornton and their acting skills, but because the series captured my interest instantly with it's humour and consistency. I'm about to start season two, in which I'm excited for Patrick Wilson's role, after seeing him previously in horror movies.
Bates Motel
After browsing past this multiple times on Netflix without reading the description first, I'm so sad I didn't watch it sooner. seeing Vera Farmiga and Max Thieriot in previous movies, I instantly decided I was going to watch this series, and I'm 100% happy I did. One of my favourite tv series.
Grace and Frankie
This is another series that I binge-watched. This series has so many actors which you know and love from other aspects of television and movies. I was so sad to hear that they weren't going to re-new the series for season two (i'm 80% sure funding was an issue), yet the season has been renewed for two more seasons, which this series deserves! I definitely recommend watching!
Really looking forward to season two. With only eight episodes in season one, it's a series to binge-watch and fall in love with. Each of the main characters are played by the most perfect actors for their roles; the only thing that I could pick at with this series is that it seems so much happens within each episode, which can have it's advantages and disadvantages. Either way, I do recommend watching!
Marvel's Jessica Jones
I really enjoyed this series and would extremely recommend it. I usually wouldn't watch a "Super-Hero" based tv series, but with Jessica's powers being subtle and not dominating the entire series, I thought worked extremely well, as well as not having every man and his dog having super-powers, which again I was happy about. Every actor fit their character extremely well, even members of the series who were in it for a minute. I didn't find myself getting bored throughout the episodes, and each e
Scream Queens
Scream Queens possess comedy, mystery and a good, likeable cast which fit their roles extremely well. Although full of quite a few cliches, I feel it's these cliche's that makes the series what it is. With the characters and essence of the series itself, it reminds me of movies such as Easy A, Mean Girls and Pitch Perfect - all with the drama, the types of personalities the characters have, but with a more horror based subject line.
American Horror Story
Season One, two and four are the most enjoyable seasons for me. All seasons boast interesting, likeable characters and I've always enjoyed the consistency of using the same actors as different characters in every season. Season 3 isn't as "gory" as previous seasons, but is still enjoyable as a whole. I do highly recommend watching this series, each series is only 13 episodes long, which is nothing when you're binge-watching, amirite?