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  • 26% Drama
  • 17% Comedy
  • 11% Crime
  • 11% Thriller
  • 6% Fantasy
  • 6% Action
  • 23% Others
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Favorite Series
One of the filthiest and funniest animated series ever.
Marvel's Jessica Jones
One of the greatest drama i watched so far. I love how they film this and the story is just mysterious and awesome at the same time.
Total Divas
Absolutely loving this show. It shows us what it's like off the ring and how hard it is for Divas to climb up to the top. Totally recommend to those who watches WWE often and loves the Divas like i do!
Orange Is the New Black
Best thing about this is the humor.
American Horror Story
One of the scariest drama i have watch so far, not forgetting its mature content.
How to Get Away with Murder
This is one of the great drama that likes to give us cliffhanger and shocking OMG reaction every single episode. But still love it regardless. Makes us want more and more!
Criminal Minds
Mysterious yet smartly scripted.
Doctor Who
Unique unlike any other, awesome story and sometimes awesome humor. One of the best so far!
Growing up watching this, some may say each season is repeating the same occurances but it's pack with awesome chill and brotherly love.
Ash vs Evil Dead
Wicked funny while not forgetting the essential gore in thie awesome series.
The Big Bang Theory
This is unique and trending. One of my favorite so far!